Ninja’s interactive virtual tours give online tours a whole new meaning – staying ahead of the digital curve with a wow-factor, memorable experience! Our unique tour experiences are getting incredible reviews by some of the nation’s top colleges and universities who have partnered with us.

Our platform is viewable in websites, mobile apps for tablets and phones, and now in virtual reality goggles, like the Oculus Rift.


  • Immerse your audience into a unique virtual environment
  • Convert online leads into in-person customers
  • Provide a visually appealing, comprehensive and engaging experience
  • Bring your content to life


  • Overhead View (aerial, map, illustration)
  • 360° Photo and/or Video Panoramas
  • Interactive Navigation Markers
  • Photo Galleries
  • Videos
  • Info Pop-Ups
  • Auto-Rotation
  • Zoom In-and-Out

Typical Applications

  • Scenic Vistas
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Facility Tours
  • Sports
  • Attractions
  • Real Estate
  • Travel Destinations
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • Outdoors
  • Auto Racing
Virtual Reality

The Tour Evolution

Ninja’s powerful interactive virtual tours can be as simple as starting with an overhead view (i.e. map, aerial, illustration) that contains interactive markers that take you into different areas with photo galleries, videos and/or info pop-ups.

Want more? We can add high quality 360° still photography to provide the view all around you. Ninja can even evolve your 360° experiences into a more captivating environment by adding 360° video.

Want the best? We can fully immerse your audience into your virtual environment via Oculus Rift goggles for the ultimate virtual reality experience, which is sure to draw a crowd and always be a hit!

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