360 Degree Video Rig

5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your 360° Videos

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You are pretty much guaranteed to impress your audience when you immerse them into a 360° panoramic video experience. But if you are putting forth the effort to produce one of these wow-factor video presentations, you want it to be a home-run with bases loaded and not just a base hit, right?

Here’s a few small things that you should be doing that will make a huge impact on your audience’s overall video experience. Let’s knock it out of the ballpark!

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Responsive Versus Mobile Site

Responsive Design Versus Dedicated Mobile Site

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Mobile sites are now a necessity, leaving most businesses trying to figure out the right solution to their mobile needs. They must choose between redesigning their existing website to be responsive, or creating a dedicated mobile site?

If you’ve found yourself facing this choice, never fear! The Ninjas at Ninja Multimedia are here to help guide you through making the right decision for your business.

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