The focus of our Digital Strategy Program is on the creation of a detailed plan for your results-driven digital solution. Our team executes an efficient discovery phase, which is critical to the success of your project. Through a multi-session collaborative process, together we will determine everything needed for design and development, as well as estimated budget requirements to complete the project. Each strategy program and consulting plan differs based on the client and project needs, but below you will find some of the key elements, which are often involved. Contact us to discuss a digital strategy program for your project.

Need help brainstorming big ideas? Already have your big idea, but need help on implementation solutions? We are here to bring our marketing and digital expertise to help you regardless of where you are in the process.
Market Research
In order to achieve successful results, we need to understand your market, audience, customers, competitors and industry. Through our research, we collect, organize and analyze information to understand the demands, priorities and how to make you competitive.
Competitive Analysis
Through a comprehensive evaluation of your competition including their strengths and weaknesses, our team is able to identify a strategy that differentiates you from your competitors to successfully engage your audience.
User Experience
Ninja will create a user-flow document and wireframes that will map out the processes for your digital solution focused on creating the most intuitive interface possible. Wireframes are blueprints of the unique screens of your project representing the layout and user-experience.
A live preview prototype is a step-by-step walkthrough of likely user-experiences for the most accurate representation of what a user can expect when interacting with your digital solution. These are not usually needed, but we can create prototypes if required.
This is the blueprint for your project that our team will create including outlining the information architecture, including site maps. A site map is a visual outline of the screens of your project that illustrate the hierarchy.
This technology and functionality requirements document will outline the design and development needs to complete the project reducing the amount of hours and investment needed once the solution is being produced, due to this detailed planning phase.
This program allows our team to provide the most accurate estimated number of hours needed to design and develop your solution. We can also map out a phased approach for launching different features, functionality and sections in stages allowing development costs to be distributed over periods of time if needed or we can create a solution around a pre-determined budget.
Content Strategy
Do you have writer’s block? Or does the thought of collecting and organizing the content for your project overwhelm you? Our content experts can handle the content planning, organization and copywriting for your project for you.

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