360 Degree Video Rig

You are pretty much guaranteed to impress your audience when you immerse them into a 360° panoramic video experience. But if you are putting forth the effort to produce one of these wow-factor video presentations, you want it to be a home-run with bases loaded and not just a base hit, right?

Here’s a few small things that you should be doing that will make a huge impact on your audience’s overall video experience. Let’s knock it out of the ballpark!


If your video doesn’t include natural sounds or narration (we will get to that in a second), then we highly recommend that you at least add some sort of instrumental background music or maybe a song that ties in with your brand or message.  Watching videos with no audio are much more boring and you are more likely to lose the interest of your viewer much quicker.

Check out this fun video of a jet boat ride which demonstrates excellent use of natural sounds at the beginning of the video featuring the sound of the boat’s engine revving up, laughter of excitement from the riders and comments by the captain. Then, it switches to background music as they navigate through the waters.


Videos which include a professionally recorded voiceover that goes along with what the viewer is actually seeing has a much greater impact. Don’t just show people, get as many of the senses involved as possible – tell them what they are looking at too! But give them just enough information to convince them to come to your doorstep for the full in-person experience.


There’s such a huge difference in watching a video of an empty space versus one buzzing with activity!  Sometimes, an empty space makes more sense but for the most part – showing people what an area looks like with action is much more captivating and makes it easier for them to envision themselves within your space which is the ultimate goal – to get them there.  So, don’t show them a boring version of your area – show them with action.


And it’s not a bad idea to “stage” the video shoot with people who are great at following direction, natural on camera and are very animated (yet not over the top). If you can hire “extras” for the day to be your “talent” – this is the best way to go to get the most out of your production. Professionals make it more professional, it’s that simple.

Check out this sample video of a gym with fitness fanatics giving 110% and then imagine watching this video of the same gym, but empty. There’s no comparison. Watching them inspires you to want to get off the sofa and get in there to join them whereas a typical facility tour won’t necessarily motivate you to do the same.


If you have a camera operator who isn’t steady with your camera with smooth and fluid movement through a space, it is not going to be nearly as impressive as one that does.  Watching videos that are not professionally produced can even make you a bit dizzy. Of course, at times a more raw feel to the shooting style makes sense for an authentic experience, for example in extreme sports.  But overall, a smooth camera operator can up the production value and overall the end user experience exponentially.

At Ninja Multimedia we specialize in creating compelling 360° video panoramic experiences. Contact us today to strategize with our team for your own dynamic project. Let us help you bring a larger audience to your doorstep!